My Story

Deborah L. Mills

Have you ever felt like there is more to life than your current situation? Are you reaching for “What’s Next?”

I was. I was content but not satisfied. I knew there was more for my life, my marriage, and my business. I was asking the question “What Next?”

In the process I discovered the secret sauce to experiencing the four quadrants of life on a new level. A level that was beyond my dreams. I had to find harmony in the spiritual, physical, mental, financial and relational areas of my life.

I had to transform my mindset, put sytems in place, and upgrade my perspective. Becuase of this my life has been a continual cycle of transformation. I has to get around people who could support my dreams and speak greatness into my life.

Now, I am ready to do this same thing for you. I am ready to help you leap into your greatness and realize your dreams.

I am a dream catcher, a purpose pusher, and a transformation strategist.

I do this through:

  • Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Teaching

When I work with my clients I show up fully armed with a:

  • Background in organizational leadership and management
  • 29 years of motherhood and marriage
  • 15 years of teaching, mentoring, and coaching
  • Countless hours spent in workshops and trainings

I have been honored to keynote with nationally recognized organizations such as the National Association for Professional Women, Mocha Moms Inc and Black and Married with Kids (BMWK). I also serves my local community speaking and mentoring with organizations such as National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the mothers of Jack and Jill, Reach and Rise for Excellence (RARE), the Concerned Citizen Network of Alexandria Virginia.

My thoughts have been highlighted in Ebony Magazine, TheGrio, BMWK, The Good Enough Mother and on numerous radio stations around the globe. My transforming talks have been heard from the United States to Canada.

We believe in YOU

We believe with the right tools you can uplevel your life. The work is real but the payoff is far greater. My mission is to support busy women and the occasional brave man transform their life. I believe you are meant to be succeed in every area of your life. That personal success must be defined by you. Then plan a for achievement set in place. We support your success by supporting the soul of today’s busy woman and the occasional mighty man.

We provide

  • motivation
  • accountability
  • tools and action steps
  • coaching
  • support

This is done through

  • individualized coaching
  • speaking
  • workshops
  • training
  • online courses

Who We Serve

Small Businesses
Highly Motivated Individuals and Couples who are ready to up level their lives

What’s the buzz: hear what others are saying


The tools l learned from Deborah are key to my success as a woman, wife, and boss. I am an entrepreneur with a family. I have to find harmony between the roles. Deborah talked about harmony. Not balance but harmony. Everything working together.  This is key. It was an eye opener. Harmony!


Deborah delivered a talk that moved the audience to action. Motivation is great but without action its useless. Deborah gave us tools to take action.


I am not a woman or a wife BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t need good information. I was sceptacle but I listened anyway and I’m glad I did. Woman hold the key to valuable information and as a man I am willing to listen and learn. Thanks Deborah.